Social Media & the ChurchSunday Adult Faith Formation – May 6, 13 & 20 @ 11:20am
“Social Media & the Church”

Social media seems to have pervaded every facet of daily life for many in our society. Our political leaders communicate through Twitter and our society is shaped by new “influencers.” In a world that communicates in an instant, how do we respond as a church? What is social media? What are our fears and concerns as a society or as parents? How does a generation who has never seen it reach the generations who have never lived without it? On Sunday, May 6 at 11:20 a.m., Aliyah Kennedy will begin a three-week session to help bridge the gap between technology, the church, and today’s youth. For the first two weeks, we will get to know the terminology and the basic language of this new generation. We will discuss how social media impacts our world and if it has a place in the church. On the third Sunday, Pentecost, our youth will lead the discussion. Giving their point of view as the “Insta-generation,” they will help us understand social media as a new frontier in our ministry. Come join in the discussion. Bring your questions, concerns, or expertise to this search for meaning in our daily life.