Sundays, September 16, 23 & 30 @ 11:20am
Christian Clichés

A cliché is an idea or expression that has been rendered of power and truth because of overuse or misapplication. There are a number of clichés used by well-meaning Christians that sound comforting and even scriptural that are not based on sound theology. In fact, they can be not only misleading, but actually work to erode faith in the people they are meant to comfort. United Methodist pastor and author Adam Hamilton calls them “Half Truths.” There may be some aspect of truth in the expression, but in the end, a cliché can make a bigger claim that just isn’t true. LPC Pastor Jim Butler will lead a three-part adult faith formation series that looks closer at three common Christian clichés and what the Bible and the church’s theological tradition really say.


Sunday, September 16: Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

This cliché can lead someone to think God is the mastermind behind tragedies, accident and evil. What does this expression ignore about free will and human volition?

Sunday, September 23: I Think I Have MORE than I Can Handle!

Maybe we need others to help us with the big burdens of life. How much is enough? And does God really dump big burdens on people? Why some and not others?

Sunday, September 30: Did God REALLY Say That?

Many Christians want to give allegiance to biblical authority, especially when they agree with the issue at hand. But there are plenty of things on the pages of scripture that are attributed to God that few of us would say “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it!” Do we pick and choose? What is needed is a tried and true approach to interpreting and applying scripture.