About Us


Lakewood Presbyterian Church was founded in 1904 as a mission of the First Presbyterian Church (“Old Stone”) on Public Square in downtown Cleveland. Old Stone’s assistant pastor, the Rev. Alfred Wright, rode his horse to Lakewood on Sunday afternoons to conduct worship services. During Dr. Wright’s 21 year pastorate, the congregation grew rapidly as did other Lakewood churches. The first structure was dedicated in 1907 and still serves as the church’s small chapel.  A larger sanctuary was built in 1918 followed by another addition that housed the congregation’s noted Christian Education and Music ministries and staff offices.  In recent decades LPC has become supportive of social justice, joining with other Lakewood congregations to establish an ecumenical ministry to the needy.  The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program has its beginnings at LPC in 1979 during the height of the Cold War with Soviet Russia.  LPC’s Senior Pastor Richard Watts eventually became the program’s first national director.  The church has enjoyed a strong sacred music ministry under the leadership of people like Margaret Limkemann.  Peg served for forty years, retired in 2011, and was named Minister of Music Emerita.

Today, LPC is a thriving congregation of interesting, diverse people committed to being Christ’s living body, blessing and transforming the world that God loves.   Revitalized by the Spirit and engaged with a contemporary world, we began a second century of mission and ministry in 2005 always seeking new ways to serve God and transform the world.

We are a community of people who:

  • Believe that Christian faith is formed in an atmosphere that supports and encourages theological exploration and questions
  • Whose faith is supported and deepened by liturgy and music that engages the heart and the mind
  • Encourage one another to share our skills and talents for God’s glory and are called to serve others
  • Expect church leadership to be shared by clergy and laity
  • Value mutual caring and support

Our congregation seeks to follow Christ who welcomed all people and promised to turn no one away.  We strive to see the image of God in all people regardless of cultural categories like married or single, gay or straight, young or old, happy or sad, working class or professional.   We think you sense that during an LPC worship service where the goal is to touch the heart and the mind through dynamic sermons and soul-stirring music.  We strive to live out our mission statement so that our lives proclaim in word and deed the good news of Christ’s invitation to live in God’s grace.  Enjoy the website and please come join us at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday for worship.  Come see what God is doing here!