Youth Education & Activities

Youth Sunday School

The Youth Sunday School class includes youth in grades 6-12. Each year youth focus on a combination of contemporary Christian issues and traditional Bible literacy. The youth class designs and leads an entire worship service one Sunday each year. This process helps the youth to understand and integrate knowledge of reformed forms of worship into their theological identity.

Youth Group

The Youth Group meets weekly from 5-7 p.m. for faith formation and fellowship activities. The group is open to all youth in grades 6-12. Some of their activities have included lock-ins, bowling and baking cookies for shut-ins. Each year they have a summer trip, which rotates between retreat, mission and Triennium. Youth are encouraged to attend regularly and to bring friends. Youth do not need to be members of LPC to attend the fellowship events.

Youth Worship Service

The youth worship service is held once each year in early spring. It is an opportunity for the youth in grades 6-12 to quite literally “take over” worship for the day and offer their message to the congregation. Topics can range from stewardship of the planet, to world hunger, to the life of a disciple, to loving neighbors as ourselves. The idea is to relax, have fun, and allow the youth to teach the adults. Each year brings something different, but congregants can always count on laughing, singing and learning.


Confirmation is offered as needed for youth in grades 6-12 (usually every other year). Confirmation is designed to help lead youth into making an informed decision to join the Church and confirm the vows, which were made for them at their baptism. Confirmation explores many topics including:

  • What does it mean to be Presbyterian?
  • Where does Christianity fit in with other world religions?
  • Can I still be a Christian if I have questions and doubts?