Ways to Serve

Extending the Hand of Christ

In addition to our many mission partners that we support financially, we offer intergenerational opportunities to actually DO mission. Some are annual, quarterly, monthly or event driven.

Parents and school age children can work alongside older members of our faith community.  Whatever your interest and schedule, there are mission programs for you.

Bread for the World – 2021 Offering of Letters

For the weeks leading up to Sunday, July 11, LPC has the opportunity to engage in some important anti-poverty work with our partner organization Bread for the World. Bread is campaigning on behalf of the Child Tax Credit, asking that this vital program be made permanent. Such action could essentially cut child poverty in half! Our job as part of this campaign is to contact our Congress persons through the 2021 Offering of Letters. And this year, the Offering of Letters is again being done virtually, which means that writing our letters is exceedingly easy. Simply by clicking here, you can take a few minutes to personalize the letter (or send it as is, if you have no comments to add), enter your contact information, and send it off to your Senators and Representative. Please join your fellow LPC friends by taking part in this Offering, and changing the lives of young families in Ohio and around the country. If you would like to attend Bread’s virtual Advocacy Summit on July 12 and 13, please see details and registration here.

Habitat for Humanity

Occasionally we organize a work crew for a Habitat home in the Cleveland area. This is a great opportunity for church members young and old to work together and help neighbors in need.

Christmas Collection

Our annual seasonal gift sharing, focused on children, alternates between Lakewood Christian Service Center and New Life Community.  We also have a Christmas “mitten tree” where we share cold weather gear of all sorts.

Hunger Sunday

On the first Sunday of each month, a special collection is received to be used for local hunger ministries overseen by the Lakewood Community  Service Center.

Event Driven Collections

If there’s a need, the Lakewood Presbyterian Congregation will band together to share God’s bounty. We have done school supplies, crisis pregnancy and tools for Habitat for Humanity as examples.