Mission, Outreach & Justice

Guidelines and Theological Basis for Mission Giving at Lakewood Presbyterian Church


Mission is the embodiment of our faith in action. We believe that mission is an integral part of our Christian faith and witness. Jesus of Nazareth modeled a life of faith and action as he “went about teaching and doing good and healing the oppressed because God was with him…” (Acts 10:38).

Everything we have comes from God and we are stewards. We believe that mission must include both our financial support and personal involvement. “What good is it if you claim to have faith but do not demonstrate it with good works?” (James 2:14)

We believe that we are called by God to respond with Christ’s compassion and immediate assistance in emergency and crisis situations including victims of natural disasters, health challenges, and political unrest. “A good Samaritan saw the man injured and lying in a ditch and was moved with compassion to care for him. ‘Go and do likewise’ said Jesus…” (Luke 10:33, 37)

We believe that we honor the image of God in all people and enhance human dignity when our resources of time, money, and skills are used to support sustainable change through education, health care, housing, and other “good works” which empower people to develop and use their God-given skills and capacities while becoming more self-sufficient. To do so is to work for God’s justice. “The kingdom of God is like a manager who gives servants all kinds of resources to use according to their abilities…” (Matthew 25:14-15).

 We believe that because God created and loves the entire world, we are called to support and engage in compassionate ministries of assistance and transformation locally, nationally, and globally. “And God saw what was created and called it ‘good!’” and “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…so that the world would be rescued and healed.” (Genesis 1:31 and John 3:16, 17). 

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