2019 Financial Stewardship Campaign Begins

Generations of GenerosityOur annual All Saints’ Sunday Service of Holy Communion is an entirely appropriate moment to kick off our 2019 pledge campaign. This year’s theme comes from Psalm 145: “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised. God’s greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise your works to another and declare to them your mighty acts…” This theme was chosen because it reflects our renewed emphasis on faith formation for all ages and our individual and corporate responsibility to “pass it on.” By “faith” we mean a deepening trust in the goodness and mercy and loving kindness of God through Jesus Christ.

Central to our faith in the God Jesus revealed, is the conviction that our lives are to be spent furthering divine love and grace. Jesus used images of competent and conscientious managers — faithful stewards — to describe what faithful living looks like. God expects each one of us, no matter our age, to use our individual and collective resources to live lives that are joyful, peaceful and free as we proclaim the Good News of God and continue Jesus’ ministry of compassion. The resources of our lives that God expects us to manage well include our time, skills, ability, and yes, our money.

We are, in fact, “declaring” this from one generation to another here at Lakewood Presbyterian Church. LPC has a laudable history of faithful stewards who were generous with their resources. Their example inspired others and so on and so on. And now we can again declare our intention to be faithful and generous stewards of all that we have and are. Please make every effort to be present for these two important events:

  • November 4 – All Saints’ Sunday – Stewardship materials distributed after worship. Enjoy lunch at the Youth Group fundraiser.
  • November 18 – Thanksgiving Sunday with Procession of Pledges – Bring your pledge to worship for dedication. Enjoy soup and salad (and pizza) after worship at the Advent Workshop.