How our Gifts, Time, and Talent Support our Worship of God

When we give some of our financial resources to Lakewood Presbyterian Church as an offering to God, if we do not designate it for a specific mission or use, where does it go?

The short answer to that question is, “lots of places.” The use we might think of first is to support our weekly worship of Almighty God.   Our offerings go to support worship in the following ways:

  • To maintain the worship space where we gather for corporate worship
    • To maintain the structure and furnishings (Wouldn’t new cushions for the pews be nice?)
    • To purchase cleaning supplies and pay the people who keep the sanctuary clean
  • To provide and maintain the sound amplification system
  • To tune, repair and maintain the musical instruments that enhance our worship: two pipe organs, two Steinway pianos, handbells, and many other instruments
  • To pay the costs associated with annual worship and fellowship at Lakewood Park
  • To purchase musical literature used in worship by three vocal choirs, handbell choir, soloists, and various ensembles
  • To purchase and maintain choir robes
  • To pay music staff members
  • To pay the Preacher
    • Of course, the salary the pastor is paid compensates him for his many responsibilities.
    • Preaching and leading worship are two very important ministerial responsibilities among the many.

Can you think of other ways our financial offerings and pledges make worship happen at our church?

And what about offerings and contributions of our time and talents?

  • During Worship on October 5th, Worship Ministry Chair Kathy Sands told us about the many, many areas where layperson volunteers generously contribute their time and abilities to make worship services happen.
  • Kathy counted no fewer than 150 volunteer roles contributing toward the worship of our God.

Are you one of those volunteers? Would you like to be?

As we think and pray about pledging our time, talent, and treasure in 2015, let’s respond with gratitude for the privilege to worship our Lord at Lakewood Presbyterian Church.