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Mid-week Message from Dr. Jim Butler

Mid-week message from Dr. Jim Butler

Adult Faith Formation Class
A Video Tour of LPC’s Two Organs led by Dr. Ruth Draper

Have you ever wondered what all those buttons are at the organ keyboard, or what the pipes that make each sound look like? Learn about the inner workings of LPC’s two organs with a video tour of the pipe chambers and console with commentary and demonstrations by Dr. Ruth Draper. The series will be available for viewing on the church website on Sundays, November 15 and 22.

How the Organ Works – Part 1
How the Organ Works – Part 2

Adult Faith Formation Class
When Tempers Flare: Staying Together in a Conflicted Time led by Dr. Jim Butler

Looking ahead to what might be a difficult month fraught with conflict, personally and collectively, the Faith Formation Ministry is planning a two-part video series in November on conflict management led by LPC pastor, Jim Butler. The series will be available for viewing on the church website on Sundays, November 1 and 8.

Besides determining who will be the President of the United States in January, the November 3 election will undoubtedly result in lots of angry people and lots of happy people. This has been a very divisive election season and the chances are good it will take months if not years for the tensions to ease and for greater unity to return to our nation. Tempers will flare. The potential for violence is real and very serious. How can we care for those who feel like they lost? What does humble rejoicing look like? How do we talk about it together in ways that foster understanding and healing? The time is right to reflect on how we can better manage conflicts and disagreements and agree to “stay together” even though we passionately disagree.

Pastor Butler will approach this from the perspective of Christian faith using the example of Jesus and the teachings of the Apostle Paul in his New Testament letters to conflicted congregations. He will also introduce a very helpful resource adopted by the 204th (1992) General Assembly, “Seeking to be Faithful Together: Guidelines for Presbyterians During Times of Disagreement.”

“When Tempers Flare” – Part 1
“When Tempers Flare” – Part 2

Adult Faith Formation Class
“Fall in Love with Paul: A Second Look at the Man and His Theology led by Dr. Jim Butler

There are lots of earnest Christians who love Jesus but would not want to even have a beer with Paul. He seems sort of hostile. Did he really think so badly of women? Why does he sound so arrogant? Did he really discount his Jewish heritage and teach that those who don’t agree with his theology are eternally lost? Did he really think Jewish traditions and practices were “rubbish”? Did he actually teach that God’s grace was bestowed only on individuals who “accept Jesus” and believe all the right things about him? What happened to him on the Damascus Road? Why do so many of his letters fill up the New Testament?

LPC Pastor Jim Butler wants to share his renewed passion for Paul, which he gained from reading Bishop N. T. Wright’s books on Paul’s theology of justification. Wright is convinced Paul’s theology of “covenant grace” has been misinterpreted in order to back up a lot of popular evangelical theology which insists individuals must “accept Jesus” first before God’s grace is poured out upon them; otherwise they will be condemned to eternal judgment at the moment of death. Sound harsh? It is what the evangelicals preach. Wright says Paul was a Jew and that he thought in terms of covenant group theology, not the individualist theology of western evangelicals. It puts Paul in a different light! It makes God’s grace even more of an undeserved and unearnable gift. This four-part video series will begin Sunday, October 4, and continue October 11, 18 and 25.

“Falling in Love with Paul” – Part 1
“Falling in Love with Paul” – Part 2
“Falling in Love with Paul” – Part 3
“Falling in Love with Paul” – Part 4

Adult Faith Formation Class
“Suitable for Adults: A Grown-up Look at Children’s Bible Stories led by Aliyah Kennedy

Most of us are familiar with the classic Bible stories of Jonah and the Whale and Noah’s Ark. We may remember the cheery pairs of animals waddling up to the great ship from murals in the nursery or our days in Sunday school. However, how often do we read these stories as adults? LPC Faith Formation Director Aliyah Kennedy has prepared a three-part video series looking at some of our favorite Bible stories that might not be as child friendly as we remember. The series will be available on the church website by 9 a.m. on Sundays, September 13, 20 and 27. The videos will be approximately 25 minutes long.

When most people look back on the classic stories of the Bible (particularly with children’s stories), we tend to see them through a cheery filter of heroes and miracle workers — Jonah prayerfully content in the belly of a smiling whale or Isaac happily oblivious to the plans of his father as they descend the mountaintop. As we tell these stories to children, we manage to instill meaning while also perpetuating the idealized image of saints and Biblical perfection. As adults, we can find deeper meaning by removing the “PG” rating and getting back to the original director’s version.

“Suitable for Adults: A Grown-up Look at Children’s Bible Stories” – Part 1
“Suitable for Adults: A Grown-up Look at Children’s Bible Stories” – Part 2
“Suitable for Adults: A Grown-up Look at Children’s Bible Stories” – Part 3

Adult Faith Formation Class
“The Humor of Jesus” led by Dr. Steve Gorman

Jesus taught with stories, which were often funny, even hilarious, to his audiences. Through humor, illustrations, puns and witticisms, Jesus held people’s attention, made his point and proved his excellence as a communicator. Frankly, he ticked some people off with his Godly “stand-up.”  He also revealed with his empathy and insights the true, full humanity of the Incarnation. This five-part class begins Sunday, August 2 and will be available by 9am.

“The Humor of Jesus” – Part 1
“The Humor of Jesus” – Part 2
“The Humor of Jesus” – Part 3
“The Humor of Jesus” – Part 4
“The Humor of Jesus” – Part 5

Adult Faith Formation Class
“The Letter of James: A Bishop Tries to Flatten a Curve” led by Dr. Jim Butler

The letter has been the source of much controversy throughout Christian history, beginning with the identity of its author. The majority of Protestant scholars are open to the traditional position that it was written by Jesus’ brother, James, who was the first bishop (pastor) of Jerusalem. Roman Catholic scholars disagree because of their doctrine of the “perpetual virginity of Mary,” which argues that the siblings of Jesus mentioned in the Gospels were the offspring of Joseph from another marriage.

Controversy has centered on James’ theological statements that “true religion” is more about practice (caring for widows and orphans) than correct belief systems. James asks his readers, “What good is it, brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but do not have works? Faith, if it has no works, is dead.” Both Luther and Calvin championed Paul’s theology that “saving faith” (right belief?) justifies a person before God, and seriously questioned whether James’ letter, written before Paul’s ministry began, should have been included in the canon (authorized sacred library) of scripture.

The letter also includes strong moral and ethical teachings that all people are equal before God in that every person is made in God’s image. Christians should never be partial or show favoritism toward anyone but especially to the wealthy and the well-placed. James wanted to flatten the cultural curve of wealth and power that was present in the Jerusalem church. The Letter of James is timely and amazingly contemporary in that it can speak forcefully to the issues of racism, bigotry and wealth inequality in American culture.

The Letter of James – Part 1
The Letter of James – Part 2
The Letter of James – Part 3
The Letter of James – Part 4

Adult Faith Formation Class
“The Art of Sacred Image and Personal Worship” led by Aliyah Kennedy

The Faith Formation Ministry is excited to offer a three-part digital lecture series surveying the use of art in personal worship. When discussing art and faith, most people might conjure the image of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling or the many beautiful stained-glass windows and altarpieces in worship spaces around the world. This series will look at art, within three distinct time periods, that was used for worshiping and connecting to God while at home. The series is led by Aliyah Kennedy, the Director of Faith Formation and Youth Programming. While many of our members may associate her with the children and youth of our church, her degree is in Art History and she has spent many years working within Cleveland’s art community. 

Sacred Image & Personal Worship part 1: Byzantine Icons
Sacred Image & Personal Worship part 2: Renaissance Mortality
Sacred Image & Personal Worship part 3: Romanticism

Adult Faith Formation Class
“Jesus Left: Now What?” led by the Rev. Dr. Steve Gorman

A three-part series about the early church in the years immediately following Jesus’ resurrection.

Session One – April 19, 2020
Session Two – April 26, 2020


Session Three – May 3, 2020

Videos from the Children & Youth

An Easter message from the children and youth of LPC